How to Hack Online Gambling Sites

If you’re here looking for a cheat that works, then well done with putting up with the other rubbish that is online. Let’s make it clear from the beginning. There are no ways around beating the games online, there are no hacks for winning jackpots, live games or anything. What you must do is outsmart the system.

How Casinos Work and How Their Games Are Built

The process of hacking the online gambling sites is all about knowing how the system works and to begin, you will need a casino. So, take a pick from any of those which for the top 10 here. Why these ones? Well, it’s very simple, you want a casino which is firstly legal, so you know it’s a safe platform. You want a casino that follows regulations, that way you know you will be paid what you win.

Now, no matter which casino you join there is are facts

  1. They are all built with a management tool.

  2. All the games use the same algorithms.

What you are about to learn cannot be avoided, so swallow the facts, move on and start hacking.

When it comes to casinos the management tool records and stores data. This data is a history of you as a player. Essentially the casino is using algorithms to build a player profile. It knows what you deposit each time, it knows what you lose, it knows all the games you play and how long you play them, the system will keep your default settings should the game cut or should you come back to it in a week’s time.

These algorithms are not too dissimilar to what you find on social media sites or YouTube. It will know what you like playing, it will tailor bonuses for you to use, it knows what you can afford to spend and lose. This is for every player inside of every single online casino and we can prove this point in the next section…

How the games are also built!

With the games, there are two algorithms, one dictates the win based on the percentage of money put into the game and the other is calculated using random number sequences. They are called the Return to Player % and the Random Number Generator. You will find these under game details as RTP% and RNG.

The slots and the management tool are linked, soif the tool knows you’ve not one in a while it informs the slot machine and vice versa. This is why players must always cash out and exit a game after a big win. You will never land two big wins in a row from the same game, fact!

So, the slot already before playing knows when it will cash out and not cash out. This is all down to data, therefore, how do we hack the systems, easy, remove that data.

Two points of proof.

  1. Wagering default: Play any slot game, your first spin must be the default value and your last set at the lowest level. Exit the game and do not play for 1, 2, 3 weeks. After, go back to the game and the default will still be set to the lowest amount because the casino doesn’t want to interrupt your profile of how you play.

  2. Beginner’s luck: Noticed how every new player always seems to win something? Well, for one simple reason, no data. And this is the key to unlocking the hacks. Making the casino think you are a new player each session you play. Thusly, further enhancing the number of times you can win.

The Easiest and Most Successful Hack Discovered

This hack requires 10 easy steps to follow and will provide the best online slots available.

  1. Register with a reputable online casino.

  2. Play only new titles or those listed as ‘popular’.

  3. As your data is empty, you must stop playing after you win big or land a win via a bonus round.

  4. Before exiting the game put that wager amount to its lowest point, its easier to remember that way.

  5. Move onto the next new or popular game. Why these? Because the more money going in from other players and you, the more frequent they will payout.

  6. Keep repeating the play and exit pattern until your profits drop by 30-40%

  7. Cash-out, sign out and delete your cookies, browser and uninstall any apps and its files.

  8. Do not play any game in the casino for a month!

  9. Return to the casinos and reinstall the app if this is how you prefer playing.

  10. Check the wagering default, you will see the value is back to normal, meaning you can continue the process from steps 2 to 10.

Enjoy and you can thank us later down the line.